First Pop-Up Brunch

And it’s here! I have been meaning to do a pop-up since a while now and finally things are falling in place and it’s happening! Off course I am starting of with Maharashtrian food that is very close to my heart. The beauty of maharashtrian food is its simplicity in terms of cooking as well as the ingredients. 

Married to an MP guy who who likes his dining table grand with tons of sabzies and dals and parathas, I often contemplate how simple lives back home in Maharashtra are especially for the women. The women aren’t expected to spend all their time in the kitchen and roll out fresh parathas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Varan bhaat which is simple dal and rice is cooked on a Sunday and the whole family relishes it with slices of onion and homemade pickle. Also there is the occasional sabzi with the jeera adrak lehsun ka tadka. 

Well, not that I am complaining(or am I) and I think I have no right because I survive on complicated recipes. The thrill in my life is to make lasagne from scratch including the sauce and the pasta sheets! So really I do spend a lot of time in my kitchen and it makes me happy. But off course I miss the food I’ve grown up eating back home and which I fell in love with during my college years in Bombay. Vada pao was had as breakfast and an evening snack. Misal pao was red hot with all the chillies and yet that was a Sunday staple. The taste of puran poli from my best friend’s home which I had like 4 years back still lingers on my taste buds! 

Well enough with the nostalgia! I just wanted to start with one of the cuisines I love and comes easy to me and hence the Maharashtrian Comfort Food Brunch! 

Hope to see some of you! 

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